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Made To Measure

Made-To-Measure Suits & Garments

'A well-fitting suit is a statement of quality and an investment well worth making'


A made-to-measure suit refers to a suit that’s made from an existing pattern and then modified to meet your exact measurements and provide the best fit for you. Made-to-measure is what we specialise in.


With most ready-to-wear garments, you will see a range of different styles and fit options on the rack. The difference is that you’ll meet with a tailor to ensure the garment is made to your exact specifications. The initial appointment will consist of an in-depth discussion with the tailor to establish your requirements. You will have a look through different cloth/fabric choices. Then finally have your measurements taken. 

Visit our gallery page to see some of our creations;

Customisation options:

There are plenty of customisable design features you can expect to tweak and make your own with a made-to-measure suit or garment. These include:

  • Buttons

  • Pocket style

  • Trouser pleats

  • Cuff style

  • Jacket vent

  • Linings

  • Lapel style

  • Collar style

  • Contrasting tread

  • Waistband style


These are a few customisation options, if you have something different or more specific in mind, we are open to hearing your thoughts and working with you in designing the garment. 


Please contact us for more information on exactly what you are looking for and we can talk about pricing and how long it will take for the garment to be made to the highest quality.”

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