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Wedding Alterations

Wedding Dress Alterations

We have the expertise to work with all kinds of materials and embellishments, such as lace, sequin, beads and many more. We pay close attention to detail inside and out, always with the best quality and correct techniques. Only using the highest of quality accessories and materials that match perfectly to your dream dress all ready for your perfect wedding.

We work with

  • Let out/Take in Sides

  • Take in Body/Shoulders

  • Shorten/Taper/Remove Sleeves

  • Make Armholes Smaller

  • Raise Waistband

  • Add Darts

  • Shorten/Lengthen Hem

  • Shorten/Lengthen Lining

  • Shorten/Lengthen Straps

  • Change/Add/Remove Straps

  • Reshape Neckline

  • Restyle/Dress Customisation

  • Reline

  • Zip Repair/Replacement

  • General Repairs

Suit Alterations

We work with

Our expertise also spreads across wedding suits, we can perfect any suits in any materials whether its for the groom, groomsmen or wedding guests. have the perfect suit for your perfect wedding day 

  • Let out/Take in Side Seams and Armholes

  • Let out/Take in Centre Back

  • Let out/Take in Front Seams

  • Shorten/Lengthen Vent

  • Narrow Shoulders

  • Deepen Armholes

  • Add/Remove Shoulder Pads

  • Square Back Neck

  • Taper/Shorten/Lengthen Sleeves

  • Narrow Lapels

  • Reline

  • Open Pockets/Buttonholes

  • Take in Collar

  • General Repairs

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